SSO Roundtable

We are extremely pleased to invite you to an Informal Roundtable: Stroke Support Organ​​isations to be held on 26 October 2016 from 16.00 to 17.30 following the pre-congress Working Conference.

If you are concerned about the state of stroke support in your country, you will be pleased to know that the purpose of the Informal Roundtable is to facilitate networking and sharing between stroke support organisations and those wishing to establish an organisation. Stroke support organisations address the concerns of stroke survivors and their caregivers by:
  • Representing their views, and their families' views on improved stroke care
  • Organising services and support in the community
  • Raising awareness about stroke and the need for better resources
  • Sharing experiences in dealing with problems resulting from stroke
  • Providing relevant information to stroke survivors and their caregivers
  • Supporting Government initiatives to help prevent stroke in the first place 
During the Roundtable we will:
  • Familiarise participants with the Stroke Support Organisation toolkit
  • Highlight the support available from the International Development Officer
  • Share case studies about setting up organisations, lessons on overcoming hurdles and advice on growing your organisation
This is an invaluable opportunity to be part of a gathering of a range of members of the stroke community, to be exposed to guidance and hear a number of different practical experiences.

Please let us know without delay if you are able to attend by contacting Sandra Levy - or Sarah Belson –

​Professor Natan Bornstein
WSO Vice President for Stroke Support Organisations   
​Sandra Levy
​Secretary of WSO Stroke Support Organisations Committee 
​Sarah Belson
International Development Officer

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