Post Stroke Hobbies

​​Following the success of the stroke art exhibition at the last World Stroke Congress in Istanbul, we are planning a similar event for hobbies, to be on display at the next congress in Hyderabad in October 2016.

"A hobby is a regular activity that is done for enjoyment, typically during one's leis​ure time. Hobbies can include collecting themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, playing sports, or pursuing other amusements."

Many stroke survivors find great solace in taking up hobbies, which are also an important activity in rehabilitation following their stroke. We feel an exhibition of the different varieties could inspire and encourage others.

You will find below a link to the request for submissions of hobbies taken up by you or fellow members of the stroke support organization if you are active in one.

We would appreciate it if you could distribute this to any stroke survivors with whom you are in contact. We hope you will be able to translate it for those with difficulty in English.

1. You have the possibility of sending up to 2 photos representative of your hobby combined into a single file and then uploaded here:

hobby button.png 

2. The photos of your work should be uploaded JPG or PNG 1300px width ​

3. Examples of hobbies are: singing, bicycle riding, fishing, cycling etc. we welcome group submissions and photos.​

​4. You are also requested to describe what the meaning of this activity has been for you and/or your comrades following your stroke, in the appropriate box of the submission form.

5. For those of you who submitted your hobby as an artwork at the stroke art exhibition in 2014, we are able to accept a submission again if you have new works you can display.  We cannot repeat works already shown.

6. The final submission date is July 20, 2016 but we encourage you to submit early to ensure smooth processing of your material. ​

7. If you have problems with any of the stages in sending the works, we recommend you seek support ​locally.  If this is not possible you may contact and we will try to assist

Do not send to us directly, only through the official online form.

The finished product will include both an e-book and a video film, which will be launched at the World Stroke Congress in Hyderabad and will receive extensive exposure both at the venue and on all WSO social media.

Contributors will receive a certificate honoring their participation in the exhibition.

​This project will provide a unique opportunity to INSPIRE and MOTIVATE other stroke survivors!

For more details on the congress and particularly the pre-congress Stroke Support

Organizations Working Conference, visit:

You may also view the e-book and video film from the WSO Congress in 2014:


Sandra Levy

Secretary Stroke Support Organizations Committee




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