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​Hyderabad is  the capital of two states, Telengana and Andhra Pradesh and is known for its rich history and culture with monuments, mosques, temples and a rich and varied heritage in arts, crafts and dance. This 400-year old city sees the traditional and the modern co-existing in perfect harmony. Hyderabad offers an experience worth treasuring. From topography dotted with rocks and boulders to the colourful bangles of the city to the delectable haleem to cuisines from all over the world, you will find the historical and the contemporary, side by side.

478865867.jpgHyderabad is the fourth largest city in India and the ​capital city of the Indian states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in South India. The name Hyderabad means "Hyder's abode" or "lion city", derived from the Persian/Urdu words "haydar" or "hyder" (lion) and "ābād" (city or abode)

Established in 1591 by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah. Hyderabad was historically known as a pearl and diamond trading centre, and it continues to be known as the City of Pearls. Many of the city's traditional bazaars, including Laad Bazaar, Begum Bazaar and Sultan Bazaar, have remained open for centuries.

It lies on the banks of the Musi River, in the northern part of the Deccan Plateau. Greater Hyderabad covers 650 km2 (250 sq mi), making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in India.


Hyderabad has a tropical climate  The annual mean temperature is 26 °C (78.8 °F); monthly mean temperatures are 21–32 °C (70–90 °F). Winter lasts for only about 2 1⁄2 months, during which the lowest temperature occasionally dips to 10 °C (50 °F) in December and January. Temperatures in the evenings and mornings are generally cooler because of the city's moderate elevation.

What to See

Hyderabad's lakes and the sloping terrain of its low-lying hills provide habitat for an assortment of plant, bird, reptile and other animal species. The forest region in and around the city encompasses areas of ecological and biological importance, which are preserved in the form of national parks, zoos, mini-zoos and a wildlife sanctuary. Nehru Zoological Park, the city's one large zoo, is the first in India to have a lion and tiger safari park. Hyderabad has three national parks and the Manjira Wildlife Sanctuary is about 50 km (31 mi) from the city. Hyderabad's other environmental reserves are many and one of them Patancheru Lake, which is home to regional birds and attracts seasonal migratory birds from different parts of the world.463182269.jpg

The oldest surviving Qutb Shahi structure in Hyderabad is the ruins of Golconda fort built in the 16th century. The fort is famous for its acoustics, palaces, ingenious water supply system and the famous Fateh Rahben gun, one of the cannons used in the last siege of Golconda. The Golconda fort also hosts a light and sound show.

186161101.jpgThe Charminar is as much the signature of Hyderabad as the Eiffel Tower is of Paris. Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, the founder of Hyderabad, built Charminar in 1591 at the centre of the original city layout. Four graceful minarets soar to a height of 48.7 m above the ground.

Getting Around

The most commonly used forms of medium distance transport in Hyderabad include government owned services such as light railways and APSRTC buses, as well as privately operated auto rickshaws; short distance transportation is provided by the ubiquitous cycle rickshaws Hyderabad's light rail transportation system, the Multi-Modal Transport System (MMTS), is a three line suburban rail service.

Air traffic lands at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Apart from normal taxi and cab services, Pushpak Airport liner run by APSRTC connects Rajiv Gandhi International airport with major parts of the city. APSRTC also provides non-air-conditioned bus services at much lower fares.


The official language of Hyderabad is Telugu but there are various other regional languages spoken by the people of the state of Andhra Pradesh. English is used for official and commercial purposes. Most people on the streets understand and converse in English. The other languages popular here in Hyderabad are Urdu and Hindi. 

Useful Hindi Words 

HelloNamaskar or Namaste
I need a TaxiTaxi chaheye
How much does it costKitna Rupee hua?
Could you please help meKya aap meri madad karenge?
Can you give me directionsKya aap mujhe rasta bata sakte hain?
What is your nameAapka naam kya hai?
My Name is___.Mera naam _______ hai.

Time Zone

India has a single time zone. It is 5.5 hours ahead of the GMT, 4.5 hours behind the Australian Eastern Standard time and 11.5 hours ahead of American Eastern Standard Time (winter). 

Mobile Telephone

India operates on GSM 900 networks. Coverage is extensive. Your cell phone should support GSM 900.


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